Historic Newspaper articles

There have been all sorts of newspaper articles about Christmas Island over the years. Here is a collection of some of the more interesting historic ones that I have found. This is an ongoing project.

1922 – British eclipse expedition – to test part of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

1922 – Off to Christmas Island – what does a lady pack and expect when visiting the island?

1927 – Christmas Island – lost treasure and pirate ghosts – A memory of Christmas Island as told by Robert M. MacDonald.

1935 – “Lonely Spot” – Stinky crabs, stinging bushes and a treasure map. 

1940 – “Malaysian Island as Gulliver’s Lilliput” – Was Lilliput’s location, in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathon Swift, based on Christmas Island?

1942 – The invasion of Christmas Island as told by the Japanese.

1958 – “Thugs flee to Christmas Isle“- (November) 300 secret society gangsters escaping the police dragnet in Singapore lying low on the Island.

1958 – “Gangbuster ‘King’ of Christmas Island“- (October) The appointment of Donald Evan Nickels, Australia’s first representative to the Island.

More to come.