Toilet cistern

I suppose it could be said some of my Christmas Island photos are a bit different from the ones that most people take. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But hey, you can’t knock urban archeology. And in this case, what a fabulous “dunny” cistern! A real survivor. It has a history! It’s interesting! It helps date the building. It should and must be valued as part of the island history.

I just love finding these social treasures and decided to research more about this cistern. I found the following information:

Saunders and Connor (Barrhead) Ltd was the successor to ‘Saunders and Connor’, which was established in 1897. The factory name was ‘Sanitas and Darnley Works’; a sanitary manufacturing company which occupied 4.5 acres of ground in Barrhead [Cross Arthurlie Street and John Street, as per valuation roll dated 1951-2]

The registered company office address was 348-350 Euston Road, London NW1 (c.1924-7) The company were contractors to the Admiralty and War Departments in 1927.

Company Directors:
1926: Samuel Ewart, John William Ewart, George Herbert Ewart, James Stewart, Thomas MacMillan Sauders, William Murray.
1927: Samuel Ewart, George Herbert Ewart, James Stewart, John William Ewart, Thomas MacMillan Sauders, George Mochrie Logan, Frederick John Pratt.

(The company was likely established by Thomas J Saunders of Emenscraig or Linton Villa in Carlibar Road, Barrhead (listed as Consulting Sanitary Engineer from Shanks and Co. in 1895-6 Scottish P.O. Directory) and Edwin Charles Connor of Holmhurst, Sherbrooke Ave. Maxwell Park (listed as Sanitary Engineer of Saunders & Connor in Scottish P.O. Directory 1905-13)

East Renfrewshire Archives GB3143 15 Saunders & Connor Catalogues

A cistern made in Barrhead, (a town in East Renfrewshire, Scotland) in the 1920s making its way across the ocean to a little island and still in situ in its original house. I think that’s amazing.